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Krzysztof + Tish
Huntsville, Alabama

We just loved getting the chance to be a part of Krzysztof and Tish's wedding day. These two passionate, genuine, techno-loving people kept us smiling as we followed them throughout their day. [...]

Brendan + Emily
Birmingham, Alabama

We spent the morning of the wedding with Emily and her bridesmaids at her parents house in Birmingham Alabama. They were a ton of fun and kept us smiling the entire time. We even managed to sneak away and hear a couple stories about Emily from her dad, Mr Oller. We eventually made our way to First United Methodist Church of Birmingham to meet up with Brendan and his groomsmen[...]

Adam + Kathryn
West Point, Georgia

Adam and Kathryn were married at Oakhurst Farm in West Point, Georgia. We were absolutely thrilled to be able to film their wedding and loved getting to know them, their family, and friends. As always, we enjoyed getting the chance to work with Joanie Clay. A huge thank you to the wonderful couple [...]

Brandon + Shani
Birmingham, Alabama

We were absolutely thrilled to be a part of Brandon and Shani’s wedding celebration. The weekend was filled with so many thoughtful details that Shani and her wedding planner, Joy Hullett, put together. There were too many well laid plans to mention them all, but one of our favorites was that they [...]

Ryan + Molly
Nashville, Tennessee

We got to meet Molly several years ago at her sister, Maribeth’s, wedding. In her own words, Molly was “just the little sister.” Well… fast forward 7 years and here we are. She is no longer just the little sister. This time, Molly is the one wearing white. It’s cool to think 7 years ago she was living the story we get to share [...]

Alex + Willette
Columbus, Georgia

Alex and Willette are two of the most family oriented, loyal, and caring people we have ever met. It would be easy to list how accomplished, ambitious, and successful they are, but the thing that stuck out the most was their heart for those around them. It was said time and time again that, as individuals, Alex and Willette were extraordinary, but as a couple, they were unstoppable. [...]

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